Thursday, May 10, 2012

Over 9000 Page Views!

Wow, astonishing that my blog has been read 9000 times since January.  Thank you all for your dedicated reading!  I hope you continue & also keep sharing it with your friends & family.

Well the cooking therapy has kicked back in recently & I'm having a lot of fun making new recipes & exploring new things I've never made before.

Last night we had fresh veggie soup - sauteed some onions, carrots, peppers then cooked some potatoes into it with chicken stock.  Added some fresh herbs & pureed before we ate it.  Also added some pesto into the bowl when I served it.  Delicious.  We had a salad too - with lettuce we bought at the Farmers Market on Tuesday night.  And rotisserie chicken.  All fresh & healthy.  And for dessert we had fresh strawberry shortcake with strawberries that were on the plant just earlier in the day yesterday.

Tonight Katie brought us some amazing moroccan chicken, wild rice & salad.  Delicious!  And I made a fresh fruit tart - there are some things I would do differently next time but for the first time, I'm pretty proud - check it out!

After dinner, Kendall & EB went to the Sounds baseball game.  Eri went to see the Aladdin play with her buddy Matt.  Kendall said we can have the tart for dessert tomorrow, but I told him I'm not waiting that long! 

So I'm here alone, enjoying a quiet night watching Grey's Anatomy reruns.

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