Monday, June 11, 2012

Going home tonight

What a whirlwind few days. I'm doing much better today - the pain from the surgery is well controlled by Lortab & this was the first surgery I ever had that the anesthesia didn't make me sick! They let me eat real food at lunch - you will never believe what they brought me - fried catfish & spicy rice. Ugh. I ate the cornbread & a cookie. I'm actually feeling a bit hungry for be first time since Friday morning. My white blood cell count jumped from .7 yesterday to 6.7 today! Woo hoo. And my neutrophylls (the healing part of the white blood cells) jumped up too from way low to in the normal range. My red blood counts are still low so I'm getting a unit of blood before I go home. Dr Keedy says we will probably restart Chemo in 2 weeks. Not sure if that means 6/25 or the week after. Hopefully this break will allow the incision to heal & my body to recover a bit so maybe we can keep on schedule for a few more cycles. I will probably be home from work this week - working at home & be back in the office on the 18th. I have to say how outstanding the care has been here at Vanderbilt. In the ER everyone was really fantastic - the doctors & nurses & techs were competent, compassionate & great even though they work under tremendous stress. On the surgical floor I can honestly say I've never gotten better care. The nurses here have been great at telling me what's going on, great at taking care of me, understanding my situation - just wonderful. The docs I've seen this time - especially the surgeons - have been wonderful. And the nurses in preop/recovery & the OR (even on a Sunday) were first rate. I am once again thankful to be here at a world class institution for my care. Will let you know how the week progresses. I'm due for a very boring, quiet few days!

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