Thursday, June 28, 2012

Demolition Starts

Work started on the kitchen today - here is a morning & an afternoon shot.

You can see Mike, the contractor, working outside the window.

By this afternoon the window is gone & drywall is in.
  In case it doesn't make much sense, we are adding a wall of kitchen along the right side of these pictures.  The corner will hold a big pantry cabinet.  In the middle will be a built in ice machine & next to that integrated SubZero fridge & freezer columns.  Where our fridge is now will be turned into another pantry cabinet.  So step 1 is to remove the window.  You can see that he drywalled it today.  Tomorrow they will brick over the exterior.  Amazing how fast a window can disappear.  Next week they will move the air vent, do the electric & plumbing I suspect.  Hopefully the week after that the appliances...Fingers crossed.

As for me, I'm doing fine.  I'm pretty tired this time around - out of practice maybe.  Or maybe its the heat.  Anyway, 4 of 5 days are done & I know I can do one more with no sweat.  I've figured out the drug cocktails that make the side effects minimal I think.  Doc thinks I'm getting a urinary tract infection so she put me on Cipro for 3 days.  I guess somehow they can tell that from the urinalysis I have to do every day.  The ifosfamide is very very hard on the bladder so they make me pee in the cup every morning.  That is why they give me the mesna drug as a "supporting" medicine to help protect the bladder.

Thanks goodness Wimbledon has been on TV - that has kept me occupied.  Watched Nadal get spanked today - a very rare event.

Tonight Kendall is on the General Jackson for work & I'm home with the girls.  We ordered pizza & we're watching Annie on TV.  Nice quiet night!  I felt good enough when I got home from chemo today to concoct some spicy peach chutney.  Kendall's fave.

Well thats all today's news.  If I remember to photograph the brick tomorrow I will post those.  Meantime, thank you all so much for your cheerful notes & emails & texts this week.  I've done great all by myself & I'm proud to be about to start on treatment #28 in the morning!  That means 21 only to go - yes, it feels like the down side of the mountain!!!

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