Sunday, July 1, 2012

Halfway in the Rear View Mirror!

Yeah baby, looking at halfway thru chemo in my rear view mirror this weekend.  49 total treatments.  28 completed.  That is a hell of a feeling.  I have 6 more "cycles" or 3 more "rounds" depending on your terminology & how you count.  This week is off & I will hopefully start the next round of CAV on July 10th.  And we will continue to keep our fingers & toes crossed that we stay "on time" to finish all of this on September 21st, which coincidentally is Emilia's 12th birthday.

Still feeling the effects of this week's turbo chemo as I call it but for the most part I'm feeling good.  Its too damn hot here to do anything so that gives me a good excuse to sit around(=  Kendall took the girls to the pool yesterday - I am probably one of the biggest pool/sun lovers I know but one thing chemo has taken from me this summer is the ability to control my body temperature effectively so I have had to miss all the pool time I normally enjoy in the summer.  Ah, next summer.  So while they did that I went & ran errands, got my Neulasta shot, & had a very nice & relaxing manicure & pedicure at Tina's in Green Hills.

Today we are just hanging out around the house, some more errands to run.  I made lavender mint bath salts yesterday so we need to get them bottled up today.  We've also been making tons of "peach stuff" since I bought the motherlode basket of peaches at the Farmers Market last weekend.  Lots of peach jam in the fridge/freezer, peach cobbler, peach chutney.  Probably I will make some peach ice cream today & Kendall has a half beef brisket on the big green egg for dinner.  Happy times.

The window is gone & the brick is done - looks like there was never a window even there in the first place.  Amazing.  I think they will take the plastic down tomorrow which will be good because its blocking a lot of the light that normally comes into the house.

They also got my Mother's Day present mounted!  Hooray.  The cable guy comes Thursday to hook it up & then I won't be watching the "brick channel" anymore.  The screened porch is one of my favorite places in the house & I will be super excited to be able to watch the news or whatever out here.

Oh, the garden is doing great!  The tomatoes just love the heat.  Our basil is taking over the place - we have volunteer tomatoes, peppers, basil & cilantro too.  The cantaloupes are getting bigger & bigger & there are some watermelons on the vine too - these are very fun for the kids because when you lift up a leaf you never know what you might find!  Same with cucumbers - we've had some delicious ones this week.  There is corn on the stalk.  Tomatoes are starting to ripen - and we even still have some lettuces coming along.  The carrots, radishes, & beets are not doing so great.  We have struggled with those.  And we have planted our pumpkins & are starting to plant round 2 of the zucchini, cucumbers, etc. for harvesting later. 

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. Hmm, you are already changing your "new" house and I haven't even seen it yet. I'm lame to have visited you while living on Kwaj and not now that I'm only 2 hours away. I'll try to remedy that soon!

    I like hearing about your garden. Mine is, of course, Lisa-style and looks like a jungle. I've had tons of cukes and tomatoes are starting to ripen here too. My carrots did fantastic and radishes too, but no luck for us with beets either. I planted potatoes for the first time ever and was excited at how well they did in spite of my inexperience.

    I'm stalking your pages and sending you thoughts of big, HUGE hugs. I hope you can feel them.


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