Monday, June 18, 2012

Lilly Oncology on Canvas

Early on in my trips to Vanderbilt Cancer Center I found a flyer for an art & photography contest sponsored by Lilly.  Entries are due June 29th & I wanted to share what we submitted.  Many of you have seen this on Facebook - I apologize for the repeat if you have but a lot of my readers aren't Facebookers for one reason or another.

We are entered in the cancer patient - photography contest.  I don't know when results will be announced but I will keep you posted.  Even if we don't win a thing (the prizes are funds donated to a cancer charity of your choice), it was fun to enter!

Entries consist of a 9x12 photograph & a 125 word narrative.  Here you go....

By My Side.

Cancer is a very personal illness but one that cannot be endured alone. This image depicts unconditional love and support – a mother with cancer watching the natural beauty of a perfect Florida sunset side by side with one of her beloved daughters. Captured by a loving and devoted husband and father, this image represents cancer as a tool being used to strengthen this family. Its raw and its real. We don’t often think of cancer in a positive light, but the relationships illustrated in this photo have been forever deepened by this family’s journey through the world of cancer. Cancer has brought this family closer together and allowed them to develop an appreciation of the friendships and care of the village that supports them.

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