Sunday, June 10, 2012

Under the heading of...

Truth is stranger than fiction, I am in the hospital at Vanderbilt tonight. I know it's crazy. After such a great week, I felt like shit yesterday. Finally took my temperature in the late afternoon & it was around 100.3 plus I had severe pain in my lower right abdomen. Kendall called the on call oncologist & she said I should go to the ED to get checked out. I asked Kendall to stay with the girls & I headed here. Spent a while in the ED, which was very busy, finally got a room. My white & red counts were the lowest they've been so I was pretty sure they were going to admit me. To make a long night short, I had a CT scan & an X-ray & was diagnosed with appendicitis! At 3 am I got admitted to the surgical service. This morning around 10 they took me down for surgery & I am now less one appendix. Feeling ok, getting tons of antibiotics since my white count is so low. Also got some platelets transfused today. Not sure how long I will be here - I'm guessing til Tuesday if my white count pops up. Not sure either how long we will pause chemo to recover but it's safe to say I won't be getting any tomorrow! Don't worry about me. We are all fine. Our sweet neighbors kept Eri today so EB & Kendall could be with me. EB built me an origami zoo in my room & the surgeons bandaged my incisions with heart shaped gauze. I can't upload pcs on my iPad to Blogger or I would share! As always I will keep you posted!

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