Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kids & Dogs

Thought you would enjoy some non-medical, non-cancer photos.  We took the dogs to Percy Priest Lake a couple weekends ago to let them swim.  Thats probably the one thing (aside from our friends) that we miss about Hendersonville - proximity to the lake for the doggies.  Kendall thought maybe Jessie wouldn't remember how to retrieve her buoy - no worries there.

Emilia's ready to throw the ball (but Jessie doeesn't care about the ball)

She is just trouble no matter how you look at it

Forget how to do this?  No way

I can't tell what Cedar is thinking - probably thinking back to the good old days when she was so athletic

Trouble is turning into a good buoy thrower

The supervisor

I know, we are in trouble here too

That splash you see is Jessie!
When we were in the Keys we pledged to take them more often - we have been pretty bad about it since we moved.  I guess maybe we have been busy with other stuff?  Anyway for once I remembered to take my camera & got some great shots.

In other news, we are meeting with the remodeler on Thursday to finalize the plans for our kitchen.  We are adding an area to our kitchen that will house my dream appliances - a full size fridge & a full size freezer.  To say I'm a little bit excited about this would be probably one of the world's biggest understatements.  We are also getting to add some cabinets & stuff too - I'm not sure when we will get started - I'd guess sometime in July.  Luckily it shouldn't be a very long or complicated (famous last words) remodeling project but boy is it exciting for me.  We will lose a bit of space in our kitchen eating area but we'll still have plenty of room.

Well thats it for today - enjoy the pictures & take it easy.  Thats what I'm doing!

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