Saturday, July 14, 2012

Feeling Slow

Well this round has been different than the last few.  Usually I feel terrible the day after treatment then bounce back by Saturday.  This time I never really did feel terrible but boy do I feel washed out - like a dishrag really.  I get bursts of energy but they are brief - have to take full advantage when they come about!

You know its not like me to feel lazy - very frustrating!  Luckily its one of those weather weekends anyway that makes you not really feel like doing anything.  We ran some errands today & I'm contemplating painting the shelf Kendall built me for the porch.  Just contemplating, not actually doing yet!  I'm not complaining about the rain - we have had it on and off since probably last Saturday - it is a huge & welcome change from the oppressive heat & dry weather we had for 6 or 8 weeks in a row.  It sure does make my old arthritic knee ache though!

My Mother's Day TV is up & working but Comcast is a bunch of morons.  We'll leave that alone for now!

Yesterday we watched Eriana do her first "public" performance - so cute.  I've posted the videos to YouTube so I hope you can watch them here....

Ain't Nothin But A Hound Dog
Jailhouse Rock
Kid Jail (The Shortest & Funniest Video)
Don't Be Cruel (A Solo!)

There will be lots of activity at the house this week - the painter is hopefully finally coming to paint some of the rooms & so we won't have the blue painters tape marking spots that need spackling anymore.   Hooray.  And Trace Ventures should be here moving the kitchen light & HVAC return & getting the electrical ready in the kitchen.  And the electrician should be here installing ceiling fans in both girls' rooms.  And maybe the plumber will even show up to fix the tiny leak under Emilia's bathroom.  And, if the stars truly align the appraiser will be here to finish our refinance appraisal.  Guess its a good thing I will be here, not in Las Vegas.  Thats a lot of moving parts!!

Hope you enjoy the weekend.

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