Saturday, July 28, 2012

What will we do?

It seemed like a good idea for our kids to spend two weeks in Florida back when I Booked the tickets in February. Now that they are about to leave I'm wondering what we are going to do for two weeks with no kids! I miss those brats already & they haven't even left! It's been wonderful to have Maryann/Mimi/Mom here for 3 days. Nice to have someone so wonderful here to pal around with. I will miss her too when she leaves with EB & Eri tomorrow morning. But tomorrow Lisa will be here so I have that to look forward to! Then Monday morning is labs, see the nurse practitioner & Round 5 of Turbo Chemo. After this week & assuming we nix the final round of chemo, I will be down to 7 remaining treatments! I am so ready to be done! This week will be infinitely more bearable because Lisa is here, though. I suspect we will also be adding an extra week before starting the next cycle as well. I just can't recover like I could after the earlier cycles. Will be interesting to see my labs tomorrow after 2 weeks "off". So I will fill you all in on Monday & let you know how things are going. I've gotten lots of Wonderful cards & notes in the last week or so -- thank you very much! I'm super excited to say we booked our tickets to go to my brothers for Thanksgiving. And Emilia & I are going to take scuba Lessons this fall. Our family Chrstmas present is 8 days in CuraƧao where we will do our checkout dives. The past week has been one of the best Since chemo started because I went to work every day like a "normal" person, I felt like I was contributing & my brain was clear & functional & I got to plan family vacations like a "normal" family. All very encouraging & reassuring to me to know that soon - within the next 6 weeks or so - our lives will return to "normal"! Enjoy the Olympics! What an inspiration some of those stories are!

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