Saturday, July 21, 2012

A peaceful weekend

Well as peaceful as can be with 2 kids, 2 dogs, & 3 cats! Julie B & her beautiful family brought us yummy Einstein Bagels this morning. What a treat! I like mine with saga blue cheese & fresh tomatoes from the garden. Kendall likes his with smoked salmon spread. EB likes butter & jam on hers & Eri loves cream cheese. Einstein is the best - we used to get bagels there whenever we went to Austin back when we were stationed at Fort Hood & there was also one near the hospital where my mom had her cancer treatments so it has a long history with us.

I was supposed to take Emilia rafting on the Ocoee this weekend with Lisa & Lorraine but that got a little upended by the blood count situation. Daddy to the rescue! He took EB to Chattanooga this afternoon, They are seeing a movie tonight, spending the night & then going rafting tomorrow. I'm a little jealous but I will take her next summer! EB got a new waterproof camera for the trip so I hope to have some good pics to share.

Eri and I are here having a good old time! This afternoon we watched Land Before Time then went to Costco combined with a bribe trip to Build a Bear. That is Eri's favorite place on the planet. Sometime I will have to count how many she has - but I will say she does play with them! They had the Ice Age characters so we got Sid, but he has been named John Sid... He wears Harley black leather chaps & brown suede cowboy boots. He is married to a frog named Sylvia Sid & they have a baby, which looks a lot like a frog. Doesn't bode well for survival of the sloth species. I will post a picture next time - Blogger and the iPad don't see eye to eye on picture posting. We had Costco pizza for dinner & watched The Swan Princess! Poor Odette left at home while her valiant husband rushes off to save his mom, The Queen. no comment....

Tomorrow Eri & I have very big plans. We have to make the weekly Target run then We are going to lunch for Mexican food. I've been avoiding that after a couple bad chemo-related experiences but I'm ready to give it another chance. Then we are going to take John Sid (but not Sylvia - she has "too much to do") to see Ice Age 4. It will be our second time seeing it but it's pretty funny so I don't mind. After that we will probably come home & get their stuff ready for camp this week.

The girls are at Camp Idyllwild this week. They loved it when they went in June so I think they are looking forward to it. The only downside is its a 45 minte bus ride each way. Next weekend they leave with MiMi for Florida for 2 weeks. I'm not sure what we will do without them for 2 whole weeks but I'm pretty sure they won't have time to miss us!

When Eri & I took a bath tonight she Told me I'm the luckiest one in the house because I don't have to wash my hair. Got that right sister. She also asked me why I have chemo. That's a tough one to explain to a 5 year old. I told her its so I can be healthy again. I think that was a good answer because she said, I know so you can go to the YMCA & stretch & take us places & do a lot of stuff. Gotta love the simplicity. do a lot of stuff like live for 40 more years!!!

Well that's all the news from here. I'm pretty thankful tonight for blood transfusions. Thursday I wasn't too sure I was going to be okay but now I'm back to Judy thanks to 2 units of blood. If you're healthy & able to, please give blood. I know I will be as soon as I'm allowed to. I admit it's not something I've given much thought to since it was mandatory at West Point but I will now!

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