Sunday, April 22, 2012

Other People

I thought today I would write about other people, as I have had a lot of time to think about people this past week.  Before I get to that, I will let you know that with yesterday's Neulasta shot, 2 of 7 rounds are officially complete.  Hooray!  The nausea subsided yesterday & was replaced by vengeful abdomenal cramps.  However, today I'm feeling good!  Excited about physical therapy for the "fat leg" starting tomorrow.

So, now onto other people.  I got a note yesterday in the mail from a colleague that really made me stop & think.  It was the sweetest note about how much she admires my attitude and strength.  I've heard that a lot, but this time it made me pause.  And I started to think about all the people I admire.  I admire those who have taken the time to write to me -  whether it is
  • once like this colleague or
  • every week (often twice a week) like Myra, Maryann's sister or
  • heartfelt and emotional like from Lisa or
  • a postcard from a land I love like England or
  • a text from my friend Julie saying she prayed for us this week or
  • a care package from Judy, Cara's mom or
  • handwritten recipes from Ann or
  • decorated, painted "puke buckets" from my brother & his girls or
  • a handwritten note from my friend Mark who is recovering from a tragic accident or
  • a huge colorful drawing from ClaraBeth or
  • a handmade recipe book from Cori's spring break in Italy or
  • ...
You get the point.  I am in awe of the kindness and thoughtfulness of humankind.  Most of you who know me know that seeing the best in everybody isn't necessarily my strongest attribute.  Yes that would easily qualify as understatement.  But goodness, this last 4 months has changed my outlook on people.  Kindness overflows in places I wouldn't ever have looked for it.  Its humbling, for sure.

So, I will leave it there. We had a wonderful week with my folks - they got to spend a lot of time with the girls which was really great.  This weekend we haven't done much of anything which has been very enjoyable.  This afternoon we are going to the summer swimteam kick off then going to come home & make some dinner.  Last night we watched Julie & Julia - a wonderful movie - love that movie.  And love that EB loves it too.

Hope everyone has a great week & is able to see kindness in places you wouldn't ordinarily look!    No pictures today - I didn't take any this week.

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  1. The puke buckets are hilarious and sweet at the same time. They love their Aunt Judy. :)

    You simply amaze me in how you look at things. God has blessed you so well, Judy - and me through you.


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