Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Great weekend

Well, its the most beautiful time of the year in Tennessee, even though it was a bit warm today!  We have been busy doing stuff out in the garden & enjoying the spring.

Saturday morning Emilia debuted Jams Jams at the flea market.  Lets just say it wasn't the right target market & leave it at that.  She had fun & enjoyed her day with Amber & Julie. 

Here comes Daddy!

Eriana & I went to watch Kendall in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon - we were so proud to see him running toward us!  He even came over & gave us "5".  He finished in the same time as last year but significantly further ahead in the placings & was pretty happy with it overall I think, especially given how warm it was.  It still is unfathomable to me how fast he runs - and I just love to watch him!
And he's gone!

We worked in the garden a lot on Saturday.  I am so fed up with my fat leg - I just put my sneakers on & off I went to the garden.  With a hat & sunscreen of course.  I paid for it later in the day but I didn't care.  Did the same today - Kendall is finishing up the fence & the gate.  I had a bunch of seeds to plant & some things to move around.  The fence is nearly complete & then we can plant the last rose & the last hydrangea.  The veggie beds are all full now, but as things "fail to thrive" we till them up & plant new stuff.  EB & I took down & rebuilt our pea fence today too.

Saturday night the girls went with Christine to see Beauty & the Beast at school - so Kendall & I went to dinner.  It was a nice peaceful night (for us!).  Tonight we had our great friends, Ben & Mindy Isaacs & their kids over for dinner to celebrate Mindy's birthday.  Kendall made his famous ribs & we all ate way too much & had a lot of fun.  Emiila is back at it with her Julia Child concoctions - today she made the chocolate sponge cake with the chocolate icing & whipped cream for Mindy's birthday.  Was pretty darn good!  Eri entertained us with her dancing & singing of course.

So needless to say we're all tired tonight, ready for a good night's sleep & then another week starts!  Get to knock out the first half of Round 3 of Chemo this week!  Not looking forward to getting the Red Devil again but its a means to an end.  The sooner I get it the sooner I don't have to get it anymore, right?  Will certainly be feeling crappy on Wednesday afternoon & Thursday.  My sweet neighbor Angie is teaching me to knit on Tuesday while I'm at chemo - looking forward to that.

I wanted to say I've gotten 3 very touching and meaningful emails this week. They are too deeply personal to me and to the senders to share - I had no idea I've impacted these 3 people the way they say I have, but I'm very very proud & humbled to have received notes like this.  I want everybody to know how deeply my friends influence me every day as well - without the healing power of my family & my friends I'd be in a bad way - its a two way street for sure.

Have a wonderful week - will let you know how chemo goes.

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