Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hooray its the weekend!

I used to look forward to weekends because I got to stay home from work & play with the kids.  Thats still great (although I miss going to work), but now I am looking forward to the weekend because NO TREATMENTS.  Yes, no radiation, no shots, no needles, no chemo, no stinky chinese food smell.  Yes.  And this is Easter weekend too - even better!

We don't have much planned, just a quiet weekend with the family.  EB is going to a friend's quinceanera tonight & spending the night (she's good friends with the 15 year old's sister).  So we will have a night with just us & Eri.  Fun.  Tomorrow we will hide and hunt for Easter eggs - Eriana is beside herself with excitement about that.

We got so many delicious treats yesterday from Pam, Tracy & Jennifer.  Its hard to even pick what to eat there are so many great things in our fridges.  And our sweet neighbors, David & Betty, brought us stuffed shells Thursday too so we have had a pretty delicious week.  I can't even articulate how much the support means to us.  Its food seasoned with love, which is better than anything else we could ever ask for.  Trust me, we love & enjoy all of it and don't take a single bite for granted.

Kendall has been traveling a bit so we have decided we need an emergency call roster just in case I spike a fever or something goes wrong that I need to be admitted to the hospital - actually we realized we need this whether he is here or gone - so we will be emailing some of you to see if you would be willing to be on our roster.  Really all it means is you are willing to get a call from us any time of the day or night to ask if you would take care of the kids until we can get things situated.  Our hope, of course, is that we will never need to use the list, but we will feel better having it prepared!

Other than that, no real news. I'm doing fine.  Not getting the red devil 2x this week and changing up the medications seems to have worked well as my nausea was controllable on Wednesday.  Thursday I was just tired so that was a definite improvement from Round 1.  Kendall told me last night I'm half way to half way - thats encouraging.  This certainly does feel like an endles marathon sometimes.  I know its not, it will come to an end & we will celebrate mightily.

I hope everybody has a fantastic Easter weekend, whatever your plans are.  We all send our love to you.

Finally I took a picture of the Cards that I have gotten.  Yes, every single one is up there - cards, pictures, drawings, notes, posters, all of it.  I look at it every morning - in fact to take this picture I had to shut the blinds in the kitchen because there was too much sun.  Its such a happy way to start each day.  I promise garden pics by the end of the weekend.

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