Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter & the Garden

Happy Day!  The fog from last week's treatment has lifted & I get to enjoy the week or so of a clear head & feeling good.  A bit of back pain from the Neulasta but the pain meds help with that pretty effectively & don't mess with my head.  My leg is still swelling like crazy, darn it. 

This week is radiation every day, otherwise no doctors!  Yay.

Here are some garden pics. 
Tomatoes - they were looking good but now the leaves are kinda yellow, not sure why.

Peas - we may have planted a bit too dense on that row on the right...  We put the pea fence up this weekend.

One of the side beds, rosemary & lavender - thats mint in the pots at the back.

Herbs just getting started.

Now, for the Easter pics.  Emilia was gone Saturday night so we didn't do our Easter Egg Hunt until later on Sunday afternoon.  The kids both got Easter baskets on Sunday morning, though & Eriana made Kendall hide EVERYTHING in her basket at least half a dozen times.  So funny.  She got Happy Feet 2 from Mimi & Papa so we watched that last night as our family movie.  The cutest thing ever - when the penguin is singing in the beginning Eriana said "She makes my heart beat.  Her singing is just SO beautiful."  From the mouths of babes...
Ready.  Set.  Don't Go.

Is she hilarious or what?

And she is just too big to enjoy this so much.

Mini Me.  I wore my wig to the nail salon Saturday with Eriana & one of the vietnamese nail techs commented on how we have the same haircut.  That made me laugh!

Lots of Loot.

OH NO YOU DIDN'T.  Steal my money.  This picture cracks me up - I look like a 10 year old boy!

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