Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time is flying

 Wow, we leave on vacation Saturday.  The past couple weeks have literally gone by in a flash.  I spent the weekend in Walla Walla, Washington tasting all sorts of wonderful wine with Lorraine.  It was cold & rainy but a lot of fun.  Monday was in Seattle meeting with some folks & all day Tuesday flying home. 

Lorraine & I with the Chihuly display at Longshadows

Me at the Spanish winery with their puppy Nestle.  Didn't bring him home but boy did I want to!

This week we went to see Santa.  This picture of Eri & Matt just cracks me up.  What a great Santa - he even made a funny face!

EB is too big for Santa really but it makes me smile that she still goes thru the motions.

The pool at our house in Curacao
The suitcases are packed, wrapping things up at the office so that we can take off early Saturday morning.  We will be incommunicado until Christmas Eve so just assume no news is good news!! 

While we're gone hope you have fun finishing your shopping and wrapping & getting ready for the big old jolly fella to come down your chimney.  For me, the most important meaning of Christmas is the 2 weeks I get every year to spend more or less entirely with my family.  I treasure that time - we get to do silly stuff, fun stuff, or nothing at all.  We watch movies & drink hot chocolate, go to the gym, cook, laugh & celebrate.  We play with our new toys & our old toys, read books, & get organized for the new year.  Thats the magic of the holidays for me.  And this year its more magical than ever, I have a whole new appreciation for those special small moments.  I feel lucky this year to be able to experience them.

I read a very interesting and appropot article a week or so ago - its a short read & I recommend it for anybody who doesn't know what to say or do.  Everything in this article has happened to me this year - the good and the bad.  There are folks who were acquaintances that have become some of my closest friends - because they haven't been afraid to show they care, they have been okay with me not knowing if I'll be okay, and have helped me in the smallest ways - watching the kids or sending a card or even just a text message.  There are others who I thought were friends and I've learned I was wrong.  I suppose that should make me sad, but I also acknowledge that not everybody knows how to deal with situations like mine.  Thats okay - and it doesn't mean I won't be there for them if and when the time comes.  Here's the link:

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