Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amazing vacation!

Wow we are having an amazing time here in Curaçao. Emilia has completed her SCUBA certification. Eri has learned how to a snorkel (in 40' of water no less!). We have seen 2 hawks bill turtles in the wild. We have spent a half day in Willemstad, the capital. We have been off roading in our "it's a rental don't be gentle"! We took 40 pictures of awful cruise ship tourists which we code named "papayas". We've been shopping at the floating market, seen the worlds oldest floating bridge move. We have fished the Caribbean & caught a couple tuna, a barracuda & a jack. Whew. And we still have 3 1/2 more days to enjoy. We are driving to the far western side of the island tomorrow. Friday we are taking an All day boat trip to Klein Curaçao where EB & I will do 2 more dives & Eri & Kendall will snorkel. Saturday we are taking them ATV riding. Not sure what we are up to Sunday before we go to the airport.
Guess what - nobody has asked me how I feel, looked at me with sympathy, mentioned cancer or anything. I kind of feel like a (fatter) old Judy! Pretty cool. I get tired at night (with all we have done I don't know why). And I can't control my body temperature very well still. Otherwise I feel amazing and I'm treasuring every minute together!!!!
Hugs & kisses to you all!

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