Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Must Be Crazy

If I'm honest with myself, I've always wanted to complete a half marathon.  Mind you, I have no goal whatsoever to run even one step of it, but something about finishing the 13 miles seems like such a monumental accomplishment. 

So, its time.  Thanks to a do-able training plan from my friend Kimberly and some very great friends who have committed to walk this journey with me, today I signed up for the Nashville Women's Half Marathon on September 28th.  I'm a lot scared and a little giddy - maybe thats from too much iced coffee today.  I hope its all I imagine it to be.  The most nerve-wracking part of the sign up was estimating my finishing time...  Oooh thats hard.  I put 4:30.  Walking for four and a half hours seems crazy and nearly impossible but with the right company and the right attitude, I know I can do it.  After all, 42 chemo treatments seemed crazy and impossible.

If you're in Nashville (or even if you're not) and you'd like to join me in the walk, please let me know.  I will share Kimberly's training plan and we can plot out how to work together.  September 28th will be one year and one week from the last chemo treatment so it seems a wonderful way to celebrate a year of cancer free living and a great way to re-commit myself to fitness.

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the day I graduated from West Point.  Wow, 20 years.  Sure does make me feel old.  When we were in Florida this weekend, my brother & I calculated that there are only about 200,000 graduates of West Point in the history of the country.  That number seemed incredible small to me - and I felt very proud to be part of such a small group of folks.  And of those, only about 3,500 are women.  An even smaller group of folks.  Wow.  Pretty cool.

Life is good at home - we had a wonderful time in Florida including a spectacular surprise party for Cara's 40th Birthday.  The girls barely got out of the pool!  Here's a pic of my brother, myself  & my Dad this weekend.  Not much resemblance there huh....

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