Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good friends...

It's been a crazy, stressful week in many ways. Housing market recovery is a wonderful thing but it sure creates a bunch of new headaches we haven't had to deal with in our business for years. That and having three jobs have me feeling a bit under the gun. 
But I wouldn't trade this for how I felt a year ago. No way. 
I have been in Washington DC most of this week at a "Marketing Leadership" meeting. Pretty cool actually - I was asked to be a member of this group made up of CMOs from leading building products manufacturers. Nice honor & it was really helpful to hear what challenges our peers face. 
So being in Washington is always a treat because its a beautiful and grand city, but also because my roommate from West Point lives here!  We had drinks last night and lunch today. Here we are this afternoon. I decided we look every day of our 42 years. Especially me. Hard to believe we have been friends more than half our lives - thru school, drama, graduation, deployments, tragedies, marriages, divorces, kids, jobs, cancer. Cori has always been there for me & I love her so much!

So I have some other exciting news. I was asked to be a member of the Board of Directors of a wonderful charitable organization in Nashville called Interfaith Dental Clinic. They do amazing work helping people with jobs and no insurance get very expensive, high quality critical dental work done for very reasonable costs.  They are looking for some help with their brand & websites in order to increase contributions and awareness which will allow them to serve more of this deserving population. It's an honor to be asked to help them and I'm thrilled to be able to use my skills to give back a bit to the town we love. 

In other news, the garden is doing great. Kendall took over management of it this year and it clearly benefits from his attention to detail. We have harvested radishes, arugula, baby kale & baby leeks so far. Here is one of my Don Juan roses about to bloom - they were Moms favorite. 

The girls have only 10 school days left!  Seems hard to believe we almost have a first and eighth grader!  Tomorrow is Eri's grandparents day performance - cant wait to watch that. 

The laundry room construction has begun. Last week they took out a wall, all the cabinets, the flooring, a closet & a doorway. It's hard to photograph but we tried. This week hopefully they will complete the plumbing & electrical. Next week drywall & tile.  We have a porta potty in our driveway!

That's about all the news we have!!  Happy Mother's Day!


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